A few practical tips for choosing and mounting lift kits for jeeps

If you are interested in lift kit for jeeps, you are ready for off-road. Good for you! Below I’ve collected

A Few Notes on Lifting and What “Gotchas” You May Face

All people are different. Jeeps certainly are. Therefore, be ready to face unpredicted difficulties.

For instance, Comanche MJ have leaf springs under the axle, what makes it quite an invention to lift. However, gearheads found the solution. They used SPOA method (Spring Over Axle). The cost involved was about $765.

For the front lift they used:

  • Rubicon Express 4.5 inch ZJ coils $150
  • Rubicon Express adjustable Trackbar $135
  • Rubicon Express adjustable upper control arms $180
  • Factory ZJ lower control arms
  • Factory YJ (1987-1995 Wrangler) front brake lines $35
  • Swaybar Disconnects $60
  • JKS Bar pin eliminators $45

For the rear they used:

  • Leaf pad mounts $20
  • Custom junkyard brakeline $2 (or nothing…)
  • One zip-tie
  • Rubber hose $0.75
  • Customized driveshaft $135, or transfer case drop kit (much cheaper)

To Lift or Not to Lift?

Bad Surprises While Mounting Lift Kits for Cherokee Jeeps Overcome

Coil-Spring Suspension and Front Axle Offset

This suspension by its nature does not stabilize axle. When you lift the body, you receive shifting of the axle and the body. There are 3 choices: purchase an adjustable bar, redrill the hole for the existing trackbar, or do nothing.

No matter how funny it sounds, doing nothing may be the right decision. What you need is to measure the actual size of the offset. By eye, you might believe it significant. But if it is as small as 3/8″, it should not bother you.

Vibration on Higher Speeds

This you can’t ignore, though.

It occurs if you add longer rear shackles. Thus, you disturb parallel balance of the input and the output shafts. The solution is adding shims between the leaf springs and the axle. This way you’ll re-rotate the axle back into alignment with the transfer case.

To calculate the degree of shims, you need to divide inverse tangent of the lift by longevity of the springs. For example: your lift is 3”, and the springs are 50″ long. The result is about 3.4 degrees of the shims. This simple and cheap method shall provide you with the smoothest ride ever, even on the highway.

Tailpipe Interference With the Exhaust Pipe

The only solution here appears to cut off the pipe and to add a new tip.

What Are the Best Kits on the Market?

Most jeep lifting professionals recommend Rubicon Express lift kits for jeeps.

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