Lift Kits for Ford Trucks

A Ford truck can be compared with a dray-horse. It lifts a lot and you have to drive cross country swaying and jumping? In such circumstances your Ford won’t last long without assistance. How can you protect your suspension brackets and platform and improve running characteristics? One of the best ways is to install a lift kit.

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Shocking Subaru Lift Kits Revelations

The Big Suba Brother Have Thought for You

If you want to own this mighty rig, before you consider a Subaru lift kit make sure you used all lifting allowed by the manufacturer. There are adjusters on the rear torsion bar on older models (MY). You can wind them up with a spanner to add more tension to the bar. But use this only for some while, when you have a harsh drive ahead.

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WJ Lift Kits

How to choose the right lift kit for Grand Cherokee WJ

  1. Good springs. Crummy springs can turn your dream toy into an ugly duckling.
  2. Height of the lift. We suggest that you should not go higher than 4”. Otherwise, you’ll have to customize your front and rear drive shafts to avoid wobbling at highway speeds. Not only you’ll have to spend near $1000, you’ll irrevocably worsen the track of your steering, and your vehicle will feel unstable at speeds more than 60mph.

Ford escape lift kits

If you want your Ford to run smoothly and effectively at the same time whether on or off the road, loaded or not, it’s time you installed a proper lift kit. You can buy it ready-assembled, or, as many Ford owners advise it, in parts, and maintain and install it yourself which is not supposed to take much time.

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