Custom Lift Kits – “You’re Ir-r-resistible!”

Let’s check what custom lift kits for trucks are available and what they give us. If all it took to get a smooth ride and great traction was simply adding some inches to a rig, than all trucks producers would do that!

Pros and Cons of Custom and Stock Lift Kits

+ They make your truck well armed for off-road.
- They can impact traction and articulation on streets and highways.
+ They can make your ride smoother than ever.
- They can make the truck harder to handle.
+ They make your truck aggressive and cool-looking.
- They may require serious changes to suspension and drive shaft, as well as some welding or cutting.

No one would argue that custom dodge lift kits are different from custom atv lift kits.

  • Consult your mark truck owners, who did similar aftermarket.
  • Understand your specific needs and don’t just go with the wind. What you actually need can be a lift under 2”, just to let you mount larger tires.
  • Tend to have the whole picture before you start. Afterwards you may have major adjustments to do on components such as the radiator, bumper, brakes, etc. Lift kits add weight to the truck, so your engine and exhaust system can require modification, too.

Where to Buy

Plenty of lift kits are available on the web. It’s the easiest way to find what you need. And this way you have time to consider all pros and cons of the kits and not to get tricked by a market trap.

Generally, custom lift kits are quite costly, yet if chosen wisely, they are a great way to add drive to your ride.