Custom Suspension Lift Kits

Many web resources today recommend custom suspension lift kits as the choice of professional off-roaders. On some off-road resources you’ll see the term “lift” where “suspension lift” should be used.

Types of custom aftermarket suspension lift kits

Shackle Reverse. Front leaf springs, when mounted to the rear, absorb high speed shocks. In some countries and states these extreme suspension lift kits are considered to be illegal.

Adding Shackles. It is the cheapest way of lift. Yet problems with steering and sway control on the front end have been noted, u-joints were reported to bind on the rear.

Lifted Springs. This is a very common way of lift. Beware of re-stickered kits. Professionals say that lifted springs should not be stiff. A well constructed lifted spring performs even better than some shackle reversal. More articulation was noticed.

Spring Over Axle. These huge suspension lift kits give second to none drivability in rocks. They give extreme articulation and traction. They are perfectly combined with lifted springs when it comes to building up larger tires.

Custom Suspension Lift Kits

Custom Front Suspension

Coil Suspensions. This lift helps to achieve unbelievable suspension travel. What can scare away is the prices and welding need to mount them. However, this is the way to feel like Donald Tramp sitting in his Limousine while riding in the rocky seaside. As the Shackles Reverse, this change is illegal in some locations.

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