Few wild tips on buying used lift kits and not getting into a trap

In this review we were trying to build up our minds on whether a used lift kit is worth buying or not. To be on an impartial side, we gathered pro and contra opinions here, leaving you the right to resolve for yourself.

Steps on How to Buy Used Lift and Leveling Kits

Before You Buy:

  • Check the stock specifications.
  • Research for users’ feedback. Use Internet forums, local mechanics’ shops, and friends’ advice.
  • Ask for photos of the lift kit you think of purchasing.
  • Ask if a parts list is included. Once you have the truck torn apart, you don’t want to “hope” you have everything, and realize that actually something is missing.

When You Receive the Package:

Inspect everything to make sure nothing is bent, shocks and bushings are still good, nothing is rusted, etc. In most cases, some sandblasting and paint can make everything look new.

Even if some bolts or brackets are missing, you can order those via http://www.4wheelparts.com.

As for mileage on the kit, it is really not a big factor as long as everything is in a good shape.

Why not Buy?

Your suspension is one of the most important parts of the vehicle. Your ride and, perhaps, your life depend on it.

Ask yourself: “If it were so good when installed as new, why would it be for sale now?

After that you’ll be willing to admit: “I’ve spent a lot of money over decades trying to save a buck or two in the wrong places”.

Besides…What are a couple hundred bucks these days anyway?