Ford escape lift kits

If you want your Ford to run smoothly and effectively at the same time whether on or off the road, loaded or not, it’s time you installed a proper lift kit. You can buy it ready-assembled, or, as many Ford owners advise it, in parts, and maintain and install it yourself which is not supposed to take much time.

Lift kits for Ford Escape, Focus or Edge

Generally for Ford Escape, Focus or Edge you are offered the so-called Mild lifts (1″-3″), used for vehicles that are always on the road. On Ford Edge/Explorer it is possible to install a so-called Medium lift (4″-6″), allowing your vehicle to cover impassibility quite easily.

You can find suitable lift kits in offers from such manufacturers as Performance Accessories (PER 792 / 793 / 70023), Air Lift (AIRL 1000), Superlift (4″ Front / 4″ Rear Lear / Leaf Spring Kit or 5?” Front / 5?” Rear Axel Relocation Kit, Superrunner or standard), Skyjacker (1.5-2″ Kit with Add-A-Leafs), Rough Country (4″ 83-97 Ranger with power steering / manual steering, with rear blocks / rear leaf springs).

Price varies from 100$ to 2.500$ and depends mostly on kit-type and bundling.

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Ford owners recommend Performance Accessories due to adequate price-quality correspondence. You can find more details here:

Whether you are using your car for racing or heavy loads transportation, you will ensure reduced sway, improved ride and cross-country ability. Adjust your Ford to any road conditions and loads!