GMC Sierra Lift Kit

Are you looking for ways to lift your GMC a bit higher? There are numerous offers to choose from. Here everything depends on what you want to achieve and which sum of money you are ready to spend on that.

Lift kits for GMC Yukon and Canyon

You can lift your car 2″-3″ and give your truck a real off-road look, providing extra clearance with body lifts or suspension lifts by one of the following manufacturers:

Perfomance accessories (3″-4″GMC Yukon 210$-670$; GMC Canyon up to 380$)

Offroad Products (1.5″-3″Yukon, Sierra 149$-385$)

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Find a suspension lift for your GMC among the following:

Pro Comp

6″ Front/5″ Rear Lift + ES3000 Rear Shock 2,201$: Front Kit / CV Driveshaft Front, Rear Block /UBolt Kit, or without CV Driveshaft front – 1,829$
5″ Front/3″ Rear Lift + Front / Rear MX-6 Shocks: Rear Block, Front Kit, UBolt Kit – 1,878$
6″ Front/5″ Rear Lift + Front / Rear ES3000 Shock: Front Kit, UBolt Kit , Rear Block – 2,030$
6″ Front/5″ Rear Lift + Front/Rear MX-6 Shocks: Front Kit, UBolt Kit , Rear Block – 2,215$

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Ready Lift

SST 2WD & 4WD 4″F/1″R: OEM style 1″ rear lift blocks + U-bolts + hardware + tie-rod end assemblies – 1,299$
4″ SST Lift Kit: 3″ OEM-style rear lift blocks + U-bolts + set of rear shock extensions – 999,99$

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Remember, it’s easy to start modifying your car, but not that easy to stop!