Lift kit for trucks

If you are considering giving a lift to your ride, choose 1 of 4 main types of lift kit for trucks:

Leveling kit

Most stock trucks have higher rear than front clearance to allow for heavy cargoes. In daily drive, it may annoy you. You’ll feel some pushing down on the front of your truck. Thus, consider leveling. Do not forget to undergo alignment afterwards, though.

The mostly praised manufacturers on the Internet / the lowest price: Bilsteins/

Body Lift for Bolt on Kit for Trucks

It is the cheapest lift. It enhances performance of such elements, as transmission, starter and engine. However, aesthetic is downside: you’ll have a noticeable gap between the frame and the body. If you install larger wheel well liners, though, this problem should be solved.

Where to buy:

Suspension Lifts

Suspension lift is a major change to original location of the frame, engine and drive train. It changes the COG and, thus, may badly surprise you on a wet highway. This lift is far more expensive than the body lift.

The mostly praised manufacturers: Rancho, Superlift, Skyjacker, OME.

Solid Axle Conversion

As many of you know, the IFS in almost all stock trucks is great for an average drive, and even for light to moderate off-road. The IFS does, however, fall short when it comes to hardcore “extreme” off-roading. Well, swap a solid front axle in place of the IFS. It shall add strength and durability, even if you compromise cruising performance.

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