Lift Kits for Chevy Trucks

Lift kits for Chevy trucks might be considered if you plan to give your Chevy a treat. Normally Chevies are your frugal gear power. They just work, and that’s it.

Solutions and Lift Kits for 2wd Chevy Trucks

Here we’ll talk about long bed 2wd Chevy Silverado. In fact, what you’d actually want is not lifting, but some leveling instead. Some advise that lowering blocks can’t be used, as the leaf springs sit on top of the axle. Thus, using shackles is suggested. Stylin truck, LMC truck, you name it – they all carry shackles for 2wd Chevy trucks. Lowering the rear 2″-4″ shall make a nice level for your Chevy. Besides, the shackles are the easiest to bolt on and the cheapest lift. You’ll need to spend less than an hour to install them with only a few tools.

4wd Chevy Trucks

Here we’ll discuss Chevrolet 1500 lifting.

A suspension lift is the mostly seen around. There is a lot of lift kits available for such an aftermarket. Users name as durable and easy to install Rough Country and Procomp. Recommended height of lift for daily use is 6”. Amongst downsides lower towing ability was reported, though.

Where to look:

Is Cost Saving Always Fair?

Well, buying cheaper doesn’t always mean buying worse. But, in some cases it is the truth. Some users, e.g., advise that expensive Rancho kits have all you need included. And if you buy a cheap kit, you might face some issues like lack of instruction, “forgetting to mention” welding needed, etc. Still, buying a used kit by a well-known mark might be a solution.