Lift kits for Toyota Tacoma

First of all, make sure you can spend 2 to 5 thousand dollars: this is an average budget for an aftermarket with lift kits for Toyota Tacoma.

Lifting an Independent Front Suspension. Note that lifting an IFS can affect suspension geometry. Therefore, not more than 3” is recommended. Otherwise, you’ll face premature wear and stress to Constant Velocity boots and ball joints.

Lift Kits of Coil Spacers for Toyota Tacoma

This is an inexpensive lift up to 3”. If this is your first lift, we recommend not going higher. No matter how seducing the pictures of lifted trucks are, life is different from theory. See if you like your rig lifted.

We advise you to install a differential drop not to damage your CVs. On the downside is that your drive shall never be as soft as it was when it was stock. Another con is that coil spaces can cause your springs to prematurely sag.

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Lift Springs

This is a medium-cost choice, still giving you a sufficient amount of lift (up to 3” is recommended). You might have to choose between softness of ride and height of lift, though. Still, among the advantages is that you can follow this lift by a spacer. Just give springs some time to settle. Another pro is that they give you a better ride quality than a 3” spacer lift.

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Hopefully, now you’ve got an idea on where to start with lift kits for Toyota Tacoma.