Loud Train Horns on Lifted Trucks

So, you’ve gone ahead and made your already very sizable 4×4 truck even larger by adding a substantial lift to your vehicle. Do you want to also literally blow your own horn with a one of the many powerful – some would say too powerful – loud train horns currently on the market? There are a couple of matters you should consider.

Legal Issues

Aftermarket train horns are legal to own just about everywhere. However, being able to legally have one attached to your lifted 4×4 is very different from it being legal to actually use it. That begs the question, why would you want to spend the money to purchase and install loud train horns if you were never going to use them?

The fact of the matter is that very few drivers follow all traffic laws all the time, but you should know that flouting a law always carries with it the danger of an expensive citation. Our advice is to simply exercise good judgement about when to remain a polite and quiet driver, when to use your ordinary auto horn, and when to pull out the very big audio guns you’ve purchased. There may be times when using your train horn is actually the safest thing you can do in terms of giving warning and no police officer should ever give you a ticket for potentially preventing an accident.

Don’t Bug the Neighbors

You know you should use restraint in using loud train horns. However, we get it – you bought your horn to use it and it might tempting to just give it a toot every once a while just sitting in your own drive way, or perhaps when you’ve gone out to pick up a friend for a fun night out.

Loud Train Horns on Lifted Trucks

Loud Train Horns on Lifted Trucks

Be careful. People in residential neighborhoods are often quite sensitive about excessive noise. When they see your enormous lifted truck, they may also make some hasty assumptions about you. If you realize you’ve crossed the line and you see an unhappy homeowner in front of you, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a sincere apology. A few conciliatory words can, we promise you, save you a world of trouble.