Nissan Titan Lift Kits

Choosing right Nissan Titan lift kits depends on is your truck 4wd or 2wd.

For 4wds often recommend:

  • For the front – 4×4 coils and 4″ spindles + extended brake lines;
  • For the back – 2″ lift block or a new spring pack.
  • If you have a 2wd, you can go for one of the spindle lifts.

Nissan Titan and Armada Lift Kits Review

We’ll concentrate on 4wd lifts, as they are more difficult to make. All the current lifts are much alike and perform well. If a noise during a driveline is experienced, check the way of bolting carefully. The most popular kits are PRG, CST 7″, Procomp, Fabtech, Rancho.

Check carefully if instructions are sufficient or any cutting welding is required. Sometimes the actual lift can be smaller or higher than advertised. The ride may become too stiff after the AAL is installed and can break stock shackles. The solution is using a taller block instead of the AAL.

Where To Buy

It may be difficult to find specific parts, like drop spindles. Large market players may require you to send them your stock spindles to work from, and you not always can go without your rig for a week. In such cases you can check with the local vendors on your local forums. E.g.

Off-road fans shall be pleased to visit

There you’ll indulge in such specialties as Nissan Titan Rock Sliders, etc.

The selection of Nissan Titan Lift Kits is as wide as the ocean. Enjoy!