Plow trucks for sale

Plow trucks for sale become popular with the beginning of winter seasons. During the snow-cleaning process the equipment sweeps and rakes the snow. Plow trucks for frost and snow use heat and salt spreaders and chemical reagents.

Types of plow trucks

  1. Plow truck (side, front, high-speed blades, rear scraper);
  2. Brush trucks;
  3. Rotary trucks (with plow-, screw-and rotary-cutter working bodies);
  4. Scraper conveyors;
  5. Vacuum trucks;
  6. Heat trucks;
  7. Anti-icing spreaders.
  8. Plow trucks

Plow trucks for sale are designed for cleaning roads, airfields and urban areas of fresh snow by moving the blade set perpendicular or at an angle to the direction of movement of the machine or dropping the blade with inertial and aerodynamic forces. Plow snow removing machinery is used for harvesting and keeping clean roads, sidewalks, airfields, patrol highways.

Brush plow trucks

Brush plow trucks for sale include a frame, gearbox, driveline, a chain (or hydrostatic) transmission, a cylindrical brush with a lifting mechanism. The brush is angled to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle and is made of brushed disks with the outer diameter of 500 – 600 mm.

When driving snowplows snow rakes in the direction of the plow (blade) and the remaining compacted layer of snow is swept away by brushing. This snow-clearing equipment can be slow and fast.

Two-section plows

Two-section plow trucks for sale are very popular. Their blades remind a “butterfly”. Their hydraulic drive allows you to change the configuration of the plow. Turning it in turns it changes the way, the capture of the snow plow and its direction.

Plow trucks for sale can be used in airports. These are high-performance snow machines designed on a special trailer that can plow, brush, or suck snow.