Shocking Subaru Lift Kits Revelations

The Big Suba Brother Have Thought for You

If you want to own this mighty rig, before you consider a Subaru lift kit make sure you used all lifting allowed by the manufacturer. There are adjusters on the rear torsion bar on older models (MY). You can wind them up with a spanner to add more tension to the bar. But use this only for some while, when you have a harsh drive ahead.

Some small lift in early model L-Series can be achieved by adjusting the front spring seats on the struts. You can wind them up, too, and thus gain some more rigidity of the suspension and a little up in height.

Dirty and Mighty – Tips on Subaru Wagon Lift Kits

Today Suba owners can indulge themselves as Subaru Legacy lift kits, Subaru Baja lift kits and Subaru WRX lift kits are readily available.

Remember, because Subarus have fully independent suspensions, you can get a lot of clearance without as much lift as a regular vehicle would need.

If your Subaru stock wheels are 13″, you can gain more height by replacing them with 14″. Marks that can fit your Subaru are “Speedies”, some early models of “Peugeot”, or, if you are lucky, Subaru 14″ wheels for L-Series. They look great but are as rare as hens’ teeth.

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