Trophy truck for sale

Are you looking for trophy truck for sale? You are probably fond of racing. The following information is just for you.

The best option for desert racing

If racing is in your blood there is no surprise that the signboard “trophy truck for sale” attracts your attention. Trophy truck is the best option for desert racing as these are the fastest, off-road cars. They look like pickups. Trophy truck win race due to its powerful engine and sturdy construction. The vehicle reaches speed over 170 km / h on rough terrain. As a result it belongs to a class of the fastest off-road vehicles in the world.

The AGM-Jimco X6 SCORE is a new trophy truck for sale.

The design of the vehicle was developed by Martin Christensen in collaboration with the creative team of Achim Storz. The AGM-Jimco X6 SCORE looks like X6 in some way.

It has fiberglass shell and eight-cylinders in a ‘V’ configuration. The final testing of the vehicle is planned to be conducted at Baja 1000. By the way, trophy trucks were mentioned as “Trick trucks” at Baja 1000. It is an off- road race in Mexico where different types of vehicles can compete on the same course.

Additional information on the topic

Nowadays a trophy truck for sale is available on the Internet. That’s why it’s much easier to choose the necessary car. As far as you probably know desert racing is a challenge for a racer. His car should be able to carry heavy loads and overcome all the obstacles along the way for a lasting period.

There are driver and co-driver seats in the car. Besides, two persons trophy truck must carry large gallons of fuel, spare tires and items that allow a driver to navigate a race. All these items add additional weight to the weight of a car that is approximately 5500lbs. As a result, it would be better to use larger shocks. They will help to cope with additional weight and high speeds.

So, we can make the following conclusion. Weight, speed and terrain affect the design of the car. What concerns tire design of the vehicle they should be desert specific and with multiple piles. Such type of tire both is resistant to punctures and facilitates getting out of pits.

In order to save your money you can choose trophy truck with a diesel engine. There is no limit of what can be done in trophy truck design. In other words, the design of your car depends on your budget.