WJ Lift Kits

How to choose the right lift kit for Grand Cherokee WJ

  1. Good springs. Crummy springs can turn your dream toy into an ugly duckling.
  2. Height of the lift. We suggest that you should not go higher than 4”. Otherwise, you’ll have to customize your front and rear drive shafts to avoid wobbling at highway speeds. Not only you’ll have to spend near $1000, you’ll irrevocably worsen the track of your steering, and your vehicle will feel unstable at speeds more than 60mph.

In this entry we’ll review WJ lift kits most commonly seen around.

Iron Rock Offroad WJ 3″ Lift Kit

Users choose it for easy-to-read instructions and performance. Actual height is even more than advertised: initially it’s 3.5″, and after a few months it settles to 3.25″. And, important as ever, there is careful customer service. Among flaws there are stiff shocks and poor performance on rocky terrains. If rocky drive is the main reason for choosing this lift for you, you might consider shockers upgrade. It should not strip you to the skin, though. The upgrade shall cost you about $69.

WJ OME lift

This kit offers options of a medium duty spring compatible with the most Jeeps, a heavy duty spring for jeeps with reinforced front bumpers and winch, and soft riding Rocky Road shocks for temperate weight vehicles. All Trailblazer kits come with the RRO shocks.

Rancho 9000XL Adjustable shocks are offered as an upgrade option.

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